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What is a Faraday Bag?

A Signal Blocking Bag, also known as a Faraday Bag or an RFID Blocking Bag, is a bag designed to block radio wave signals, particularly signals from wireless devices such as cell phones, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, Bluetooth devices, car keys and GPS receivers. These bags are lined with a special material that blocks electromagnetic waves, preventing signals from entering or leaving the bag.

Signal Blocking Bags are used for privacy and security reasons. In a Faraday Bag your cell phone can not be tracked or remotely controlled. An absolute must for your privacy. RFID Blocking Bags are also used to protect RFID chips on credit cards, passports and ID cards from unauthorized reading. This helps reduce the threat of identity theft as criminals usually use RFID scanners to steal personal information from such cards.

Signal Blocking Bags / Faraday Bags provide an easy way to block wireless signals and ensure security and privacy.


Absolute NFC protection for your ID card/passport. Don't let your identity/your data be stolen.

RFID blockers protect against theft. Contactless payment by card is quick and convenient. Your data can be read from your bank card just as quickly.

The Signal Blocker Bag blocks WiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz), Bluetooth, cellular signals including 5G networks, GPS and other radio signals.

The Swisscows Faraday Bag offers optimal theft protection for your car/motorcycle - as long as you keep your car key / motorcycle key (keyless entry fob) there.

Swisscows Faraday Bag

CHF 19.95

High quality, waterproof fabric, strong structure. This Faraday Bag is perfect for blocking cell phone and car key FOB signals. It can block GPS and car key signals to prevent tracking, protect your privacy and ensure your car’s security system is protected from hacker attacks.


How it works

The Swisscows Faraday Bag not only blocks GPS and Bluetooth signals, it also shields your cell phone from any tracking.
As soon as the inner silver layer is folded over and thus sealed, no more signals are sent or received. This silver layer consists of a conductive metal mesh that prevents signals from reaching the contents.

Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?

To save on your shipping costs, the bags will be sent by letter. When ordering up to 5 pieces, they will be sent as a letter, from 6 pieces will be sent as a parcel or package.

Germany, Switzerland, Austria: 2-5 working days
EU: 5-10 working days
Worldwide: 2-3 weeks

Germany, Switzerland, Austria: 2-5 working days
EU: 2-3 weeks
Worldwide: 2-3 weeks

Why a Faraday Bag?

A very important reason to use a Faraday Bag is to protect your RFID devices from theft. In the bag you can store access cards, car RFID key fobs and anything else that can be copied over short distances. This prevents criminals from stealing your data using skimming methods.

How big is the bag?

External dimensions of the bag: 200 mm x 105 mm
Internal dimensions of the bag: 165 mm x 85 mm
An iPhone 14 Plus fits in the bag.